Dear Bully

Dear bully,

What have I done wrong? Was it the way I dressed? My mom is poor and a single parent so I couldn't afford new clothes,

 Was it the way I complimented you? I found myself ugly because I wasn't the size two or have any really friends because I am a shy person afraid of being judged,

Was it because of the time I was walking to class and I saw you crying I gave you a hug? I thought you could use it,

 I know when I cry because you and your friends beat me after school it hurts to breath but I have to walk home because I can't afford a hospital bill or a bus pass,

 Even though you hate me I was wondering if you could use a friend because of the nasty rumors spread about you being a slut but I know they aren't true,

 you attend the Christian church with me on Sundays when your father the preacher comes into town but you probably didn’t see me at church last Sunday because you broke my arm when I refused to give you my lunch money that feeds me for the week ; moms always too busy to make any food,

 I left that note in your locker today that said “keep your head high" because even though you hurt me I’ll still be your friend

Sincerely, victim

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