Dear: Apple of my Eye

Everywhere I go

I have a place for you

everywhere I am

I will make sure you are there

I will never let you crack

I promise to check you constantly

Seeing what is new, and even when everything is refreshed, I won't put you down

when we talk you really listen

I need that, I need you always

 Ill reach for you even though your not always where I left you

Maybe its clique

when we aren't together you're all I think about

I love everything about you

your body

so slim and smooth

how you always fit seamlessly into every crevice of my palm

how you are always warm against my cheekbone

every time I touch you I know you come closer to dying but I swear it makes me feel more alive

Don't die but don't worry becuase I will revive you

these words I swear by


because you know me better than anyone else

I love my Iphone

you will forever be the App of my I



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