asking for help

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the biggest change happened during spring of junior year when i saw my father  cry and i realized that those who seem the strongest are those who are most broken I realized that I
take me away outside of this room down the hill you drive up and leave me on the curb like a discarded piece of trash for i would be safer there to die than in your room
Mother,  Let me tell you about two children of my own. I've had them for awhile, and I'm surprised you haven't noticed.   I have devils in my pocket. Two little devils. They snag crumbs from my plate,
Raise your hand if you’ve ever fucked up I mean, really fucked up Like, instead of falling off the cliff you dove And instead of hitting rock bottom you crashed into Hell.
Dear America, Look past your built in pools, There are kids lonely and afraid beyond them, They have seen life sized doll pieces scattered on their lush green lawns, They have been taught to walk like soldiers,
We all have reasons. Some decide to fall in line to grow up and away from criminals beneath us. And some decide to become them. Choosing is not easy though we think we know what's right.
"Pray for me!" I cry to thee, for I have killed and have decieved.   I am a murderer of hope. Though He hs unceaed, I do not believe.   I am a liar
my nihilistic tendencies the possibility of what i could be a monster faded from the truth listening to the loud loud boom   rocking back and rocking forth which way is south and which is north
What do I leave for myself when the world has rung me dry. What have you left me with when you've picked me clean. Call me a broken down shelf, a tired little thing.
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