Dear Abuelo,

Dear Abuelo,


I see you on mom’s nightstand almost every night,

But I’ll never know who you were when times were right.

I know you caused pain

and I know you were vain

but I also know my mom loves you, anyway.


Through all the violence and the abuse

of drugs and alcohol you over-used,

I never heard any of it

but I see my mothers stressed eyes because of it


the problems you caused

still remain unsolved

and the damage is done

I wish there was none.


My mother loves you with all her heart

I just don’t understand, you broke her heart


although I don’t understand, I’m glad to say

my mother is a strong woman, that is here to stay

although her siblings do not want to live,

she is so strong and has so much to give


She has loved me like you never did

she kisses me every night, her love never hid


For that I thank you for making her so strong

a brilliant women she is and loves so strong.

This poem is about: 
My family


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