dead as you

I walked today. Walked the land we used to play. You and me daddy. You and me. I walked over the dead grass and thought of you. It's all alike. Every thing here is dead. No exceptions. You see daddy, I'm no exception. No exception. I'm dead as you. When you left. I died. I died so fast yet so slow and drug out. Yeah dad... drug out like the scars I carry. Like the fresh ones too. I want to lift the bottle to my lips and go see you. I could do it too. It's not the first time. No... I could do it all over again. Yeah daddy yeah. We could reunite and play some more. See daddy? I'm dead as you! I scream in my head everyday. Every time I lift the blade to my skin daddy yeah. Why weren't you here dad? Why? You could save me... I know you could... but I don't need saving anymore. I'm too far gone. Yeah... I'll just nod my head. Yeah.... I'm dead as you.


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