A Day in the Life of a Graduate Student

Thu, 10/10/2013 - 08:59 -- mlo9109


It's 5 AM, time to wake up

and put on make up,

so you don't look so tired,

those freshmen can smell exhaustion.


TA-ing Comp 101 all day

and your own classes all night,

leave little time for you to play

or sleep or even bathe.


A hundred papers to grade

and a twenty page thesis to write

make up your weekend plans

for the rest of the school year.


Date night has been cancelled,

for the next two years and

Mom wonders why you never call,

she doesn't understand that you can't do it all.


You wonder if it's worth it,

getting a master's degree

in the art of making coffee,

your possible future career.


But you put on your game face

for your students and smile,

they are what make it all worthwhile,

this crazy ride called graduate school.


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