Daughter to Father

Fri, 04/04/2014 - 17:25 -- Namrata


I don't remember much
as I was only six then
but he was the king of my palace
respected him were all his men

..actually they were his friends.

He drove me to the city sometimes
and sometimes to the park
He always told me that I was his princess
and that I was the most beautiful

..but now that I'm 16, how do I tell him that I'm beautiful only in his eyes and not to the world?

After graduating from college
I was at the age to get married
and he was the most worried man about it
so he chose a perfect groom for me

..but daddy, I'm in love with someone else.

I'm sure he was hurt after
me rejecting his choice
but daddy I never meant to hurt you.

Today he's a grand father
and he's happy
but oh, why is he in the hospital asks his grandson
I could not reply anything
because I knew it was time,
time to say good bye to my king,
to my father

Daddy, all these years
we did have a lot of differences
but I always loved you
and respected you
and I will never let you down.

Before I could hear his goodbye
his eyes shut
my heart was in pieces
and I was all cut

It has been a year
and there is no coming back of him
everything in my life is ticking,
everything in my little palace is fine
but now only the king himself is missing ..


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