Stop crying for me, Darling.
You're wasting your life in tears.
Don't worry for me, Darling.
You're ruining your life with fears.

I must leave now, Darling.
I tell you to be good.
You need to smile, Darling.
You know I'd stay if I could.

Blood I'll shed, Darling.
But you don't need to fret.
Yet, please pray for me, Darling.
I'll need all the help I can get.

I'll miss you, too, Darling.
But now I must leave you.
I'll come back soon, Darling.
Back to you and our home, too.

I'll write you everyday, Darling.
I hope you'll write me back.
You hate to see me go, Darling.
But I have to leave, now, for Iraq.

I really hate to go, Darling.
I fear you'll be alone too long.
The kids, you must take care of, Darling.
They'll need you more once I'm gone.

Please don't forget me, Darling.
And don't forget to send a card.
This part I fear the most, Darling.
For goodbyes are always hard.

So farewell to you, too, Darling.
I hope you'll be OK.
I really love you, Darling.
I pray I'll see you again, someday.


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