I wonder if they hear me, 

Does anybody know?

Everything I keep inside

The things that I don't show.


It creeps in on me like darkness,

Almost impossible to see;

I'm running around in circles

There may be no hope for me.


Trapped by the four corners,

Surrounded by the walls;

It seems I have no place to go

Then suddenly I fall.


Deeper into the darkness,

As scary as can be;

I have no choice but to wonder

What's next in store for me.


I fall onto the ground,

I went deeper than I thought;

Now I remember everything

The things that they once taught.


I over-think my life,

It seems harder than it is;

If I keep stressing about it

I'll fall further into the abyss.


I'm deeper than I ever imagined,

Now I finally see;

The darkness that lives inside

Is only controlled by me.


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