Dark   Da



Darkness is all I see.

Darkness is all I feel.

Darkness is all I can taste, touch.

Darkness is everywhere.


I am fighting, fighting

To feel the freedom.

The freedom that was taken.


I fight death.

I fight the devil.

I fight all the evil that is in me.


I should have listened.

I should have known.

Now I am stuck.

Stuck in this rut of darkness.


I fight I fight.

I fight for her, my sister.

I fight for him, my brother.

I fight for them, those who are lost.

I fight to find myself,

To save myself.


I do not want to drown in this dark pit

This pit of despair

Of vanity, of greed


I do not want to sell my soul.

For my soul?

My soul is all I have left.

So no more darkness,

No more darkness.


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