The Dandelion


Babylondon Town
Worstminster Square Guile
United Kingdom

Excuse me, I beg your pardon,
I'm just here growing in my garden.
Like everything, I come from a seed,
So please don't call me a pesky weed.

All's equal, all has purpose,
There's more to me then what's seen on my surface. 
I'm something in the right place,
Regardless of your morals and twisted taste.
I'm a winner, a natural champion,
Differences, you should be thanking them.

I'm perfect,
I'm a miracle,
Stemming from the infinite mighty mystical.

I'm beautiful,
I'm a blessing,
The moment is mine, no exception or question.

So quit your cabaret, of blaming and shaming,
Quit your bettering and classist gaming.
I love you, beyond your breed and colour,
I recognise myself in what's seen as another.

So now what?
You feel my gist,

Pull my stem from the earth and make a wish.
Take a deep breath and blow my seeds into yonder,
So I can grow once more in this mysterious wonder.

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