Dancing with the Devil

Fri, 06/17/2016 - 02:30 -- lluyae

You knew who you were dancing with the entitre time, you were prewarned.

        You knew i was fucked up, incapable of perfection, incapable of love.

                 You knew eventualy i would hurt you.

Im sorry you did not believe the warnings, sorry you ignored the caution signs,

                      most of all I am sorry you tried to fix me.

                      I could have told you it would not work.

I got problems only god can fix, 19 years of pain without vindication

               I am hurt, I am angry, I am still sad, I have not moved on.

                   So I am sorry that I hurt you, Im sorry i broke you,

   But you knew who you were dancing with the entire time..




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