Daddy,I Miss You


United States
42° 58' 30.9864" N, 78° 52' 40.422" W

We lost you.
Your gone.
I know you tried and tried
Fought all you could
But this time you had to give.
Yeah we suffered,for the ♥ of you
Your my dad don't forget that too.
Its not fair I won't see you again.
Up in heaven where the angels win.
I'm only 16 so much to be seeen
Didn't get a fairytale ending
There were no means.
Now I grow up with out you as painful as it is,I am your daughter who has no one to walk to.
When I grow up I know I'll be the most beautiful bride you've ever seeen.
You'll look down with the biggest smile,crying down me saying that's my child.
You'll always protect me,with all hope. Its just the death of you I cope


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