Daddy, where'd you go?

Daddy, where’d you go?

Mommy’s come home smiling

because she doesn’t think I know

but in the nighttime she’s always crying

You haven’t been home since that day

and out house seems quiet without the fighting


Daddy, where’d you go?

The family’s dressed in black

Big brother says you’re gone

and that you’re never coming back

They put a crate in the ground and flowers on the grass

and put your name above the box on a big stone plaque


Daddy, where’d you go?

Grandma says you did something bad

and they put you in time out

because you hit when you got mad

I want to see you daddy,

but Grandma and Mommy say no.

They say the big concrete house

isn’t a place for me to go.


Daddy, where’d you go?

Mommy won’t take down our flag

Big sis is very worried

that you’ll come home in a bag.

I saw you last dressed all in green

and wearing a metal tag


Daddy, where’d you go?

Auntie said you’ve run away

to some place called London.

but that you won’t stay.

Come home quick to me daddy

is always what I say


Daddy, where’d you go?

You’re my big Superman

I miss you when you’re gone

and I’ve come up with a plan.

If you try to go out the door

I’ll hug you tight as I can

and say “I love you daddy”

because to me you are a wonderful man

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