Daddy issues

You made me feel,

Like there was nothing I could achieve.


And all my dreams,

We’re too far out of reach.


You broke me down,

And watched me cry.


And didn’t even care,

When I tried to die.


You told me my pain wasn’t real,

And that I was a liar.


But you didn’t realize,

That your words burnt me like fire.


You made me feel,

As if I was nothing.


And no matter how hard I tried,

I could never be something.


How could I ever call you My father,

When all you do is make me sad.


How can I be your daughter,

When you make me feel so bad.


You claim that my pain isn’t real,

And that I don’t know true despair.


When deep down I’m dying,

But you still don’t even care.


You ignored my cries,

And said I’d be alright.


Everyday was a battle,

And in the end I almost lost my fight.


But you never cared

or asked me why,


The truth is you’re the reason,

Why I want to die.

This poem is about: 
My family


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