I sit and realize how much I actually do cry when I think about you in my mind- It saddens me because who the man I thought you was but turns out to be the man I only once knew, it makes me mad because if you realize these real eyes you make me feel like I'm not wise - enough for me to enter your life , it's like you wasn't ready , wasnt steady - too have a second baby with a lady who wasnt shady but had the potential to finance for that baby that grew up to be a young lady standing out for hers- but look daddy it hurts - it's hurts to look into your eyes and not cry only because all I can to is Sigh and just think in my mind why- Was I not good enough? Or maybe you thought I was a fool or stuff ? - maybe if you wasn't married to that lady , I would've been cool with stuff . See you treat her kids like you treat a tree. One minute you plant them and let them grow , and you left me as a seed! But daddy you don't understand how much that hurts me to see a man I thought was a "A" goes down too a "E" . So how could you sleep knowing that you didn't provide your babymother no money to keep , for your child. But listen - Talk is Still Cheap and that money you "claim" to give my mom! Ain't buying me nothing to eat. So you can take your ability that you "so called" gave to me and think about how What makes you feel as if I'm in need! I'm doing my own shit daddy can't you see. I'm striving for "A's" not striving for "D's" - Im a depress Teen and nobody see's - maybe if I had that father figure , it will probably help me! - relive all the stress and make me see . A day only gets better if you Continue to Be Free. So please remember Im not even 63 but I know that what life gives you ain't with ease . But I can make it without you dad that's my Promise From Me. All ima need you to do is LET ME BELIVE. 


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