Cusband and Wife


I’m marrying my cousin.

People cringe when they hear the news

Some even gape at me and once

Someone made a sound like a cat does before it coughs up a hairball

At first it upset me, tears welled in my eyes I would turn and run away, left alone to cry

People don’t understand and tend to throw a fit, but I’m in love, that’s all there is to it


I love the way his teeth are rotten and he’s got no job

More time to spend at home with our kids, shooting things and collecting welfare

His beer gut is sexy, there’s more of him to love and his breath always smells like tobacco

He knows our family values and traditions and now I don’t have to take him to meet my parents

Someone who already understands how we work, our way of life, what could be better than that?

And when our kids have to do family tree projects, it’ll be easy for them, just a straight line!


I know it’s not accepted, and our kids might have 11 toes

And no one understands us

The love that we share; it’s pure just like our bloodline, why do you even care?

It’s not like I’m a man marrying another man

That’s just wrong

Marriage is between a man and a woman that can provide food stamps and a nice double wide for their children

Love is love, except for them gays, but my cousin is a man so it’s okay

I hope someday people can put their hate aside

And accept that my cousin and I are in love, and that

I’m marrying my cousin.


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