Crushed By Semantics

You were the faded caresses of fern leaves,

the outline of ocean waves at night.

Your eyes were opalescent marbles rolling in a circle and falling to the floor --

your skin was melting vanilla ice cream and a sun suddenly obscured by clouds.

You were the colours of the morning sky,

trails of hip-length grass,

the transitions among seasons,

the glint of an angler’s hook.

and i was a damp ceiling caving in

the frayed end of a shoelace

my eyes were the wreckage of a hurricane

the remnants of a bonfire

my skin was disturbed salt flats and hallways made of useless trinkets

i was the unnoticed root that stuck up from the ground

the promise of disappointment

the transitions among unwanted emotions

the squashed spider under your shoe

who was in the wrong place

at the wrong time


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