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I don't think you know or even have a clue,
how I love your spirit and everything you do.
At first it was just mere infatuation,
Over time, I couldin't stand near you without my heart racing,
Pacing back and forth wondering if I should just go up to you and say hi,
Your beautiful and everything words can't even begin to describe
I don't know I just get a vibe
When I'm feeling low and I see you
I come alive
Your aura is so vibrant and radiates perfection
Do you like me back that is the question,
But sometimes I find myself second guessing
One minute I like you and the next I just want to let it go
Because I don't know if love will ever grow
But I guess the ball is in my court
If I never try i'll never know
And regret every moment wishing I had at least attempted
10 years pass and our lives are in completely different directions
You think to yourself what could have been but it's not
Tomorrow is not promised
Today's all you've got



It was really easy to connect with your poem, like I could feel myself wanting to cheer you on and tell you to go for it and watch to see how everything unfolded. I'm not sure if "get get a vibe" was a typo, but it was honestly my favorite part because it made the poem more human like it was actually speaking and faltering from feeling. Great job :)


Thank you that means a lot:)

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