cruel world

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Dear God,
 Open up your sleepy eyes Darling Wake up from your dream This isn't paradise Face reality as it seems
It's strange because I'm not afraid when I should be.It's strange because as delicate as life is, I take it for granted.It's strange because as I grow, I get emotionally drained by the day.
Good Morning, cruel world! Because even though this world Is very cruel, I still wake up, I still live here, Don't I! I am determined to make a difference. Even though it may be a small one.
My dog Barely two feet tall, And yet he means all to me. After a trying day at school, When I have to face all the pressures that I am used to being exposed to
Girl meets world Girl says HELLO She’s cleaner than soap With her new wardrobe Holier than pope Which is quite dope Always checking her horoscope She goes around the globe
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