The Crawling Beneath Your Skin


There's a point in time when sadness becomes unshakeable.

 and becomes a being whos thirst for bearing pain is insatiable.

When you allow it to, sadness will find a voice of it's own and start speaking

and draw you in with twisted lullabyes, unrhymed words and broken singing.


You see, sadness can become a monster that rocks you to sleep

he will tell you that your most beautiful on the nights that you weep.

And between your happiness and a percieved beauty this creates a strife

Because sadness is now a sickness that has taken authority over your life.


But what you don't know is this is so much more than just a sickness inside

sadness has come alive and has set your old self aside.

He made you believe that you wouldn't be loved unless you were seen as broken

But you quickly realized that sadness was a demon that had already broke you.


He made you believe that he could make your mind beautiful.

That the darkness he created inside your bones would make you unusual

and you fell victim to his beautifully wrapped lies, 

believing that you're more interesting to love with a broken heart and tear stained eyes


All the while you bore his torture on your own as he said that you should

and it left you all alone but it's not like anyone understood

that you can't simply evict a demon that has made his home inside your heart

because he's convinced you that he's the only thing you need to not fall apart.


It seems so long ago when you liked to feel him below the surface.

At one time, he was the only thing that didn't make you nervous

but now you hate him because you know that from your pain he thrives

and it's a constant reminder that you no longer know what it means to be alive.


Its been so long since you've felt your heart beating

and now theres only relief when your wrists are bleeding.

But with all this pain inside your chest, you'll never find healing

because eventualy, even those cuts aren't followed by any feeling.


Not being able to take anymore, you tear at your skin.

You pray that if there is a God then he'll forgive you of this sin

and you get down on your knees, as you put metal to bone

leaping into the abyss, finally silencing a voice that started to sound like your own.


There was no reason for your sadness to become this

it didn't have to become a creature that made you feel your life was amiss.

There was a reason that his voice started to sound more and more like your own

it was because it was only you telling youself that you were unloved and alone.


Now you've gone and left the world in disbelief

because you traded it's love for the lies of an absent thief.

Little angel, you should have known to keep your head above your heart

maybe then finding yourself wouldn't have required you to tear everything apart.



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