Crashing Down

Why is everything crashing down?

This world cannot summit the clouds.

Failure, lies, luck, and chance

Face to face wth Death, shake his hand.

How can you push this pain aside?

All that's circling you is one silly fight.

Preach real life but do you know

How many suffer this grief that blows?

Dispair and numbness sting the air.

But you keep on fighting, we know you don't care.

Recession resounding in little ones' ears

Their yes blinded by their fears

No home to comfort, no song to sing

No church can save us, no bells wil ring

You stick yourself to the greed of shame

Are you glad that everyone knows your name?

Have you not noticed the sickened cries?

Armegeddon in the world's eyes

Walk in my shoes, what will change?

Depression flows in, these demons you'll tame

Mock my plea, feel my pain

You play with your people in a sick little game

Your final action is overdue

Now your loved ones will crash down around YOU



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