Courage is one thing that no one can ever take away from you. 
I said this to myself every day 
For the longest time. 
It was almost like a daily routine. 
Wake up 
Get dressed
Draw a semicolon on my wrist
And write CôurAgé up my arm
This is what kept me going through every day
Without losing my mind
For the longest time. 
Nobody ever asked. 
They never asked about the semicolon on my wrist. 
They never took time to question
Why I always wrote CôurAgé on my arm. 
I didn't want them to ask.
I was ashamed of myself. 
But I always wondered why nobody ever asked. 
There were two possible reasons 
That always popped into my head. 
They just didn't care what so ever. 
That reason probably isn't too far off. 
Two, they didn't need to ask. 
They already knew from experience. 
The second possibility always terrified me. 
It was good to know that I wasn't alone
But I wouldn't wish that pain
And heartache
And constant fear
On my worst enemy. 
Every single day 
Was just another struggle
And it just kept getting harder and harder. 
But every day after I got dressed
Drew the semicolon 
And wrote CôurAgé across my skin
I was reminded that I had to keep pushing forward. 
I had to keep going 
Because no matter what I lost 
I would never ever lose my courage to live.
Sometimes I felt like I was about to go over the edge. 
And the worst part is
I was okay with it. 
But every time I was close to giving up 
I had to remind myself 
That soon things would go my way. 
I had to remind myself 
That things would get better 
And that there was something 
Or someone greater 
Waiting for me out there. 
So I waited 
And waited
And waited 
Until finally my day came. 
Things started to go right. 
I could just feel in my heart
That things were going to start getting better.
And I was right. 
All of that waiting and suffering
Finally paid off. 
I had found that greater someone out there. 
All of what I dealt with 
Was worth it.
Once I found them 
I had slowly stopped writing CôurAgé on my arm. 
And drawing the semicolon
I doubt anyone really noticed
But I felt like it was a statement. 
I didn't have to ink my skin every day
To remember to stay strong 
And remember to have courage. 
I didn't have to do that anymore 
Because they are what reminded me 
Of all of these things. 
Every time I saw their smile
And heard their voice 
And looked into their eyes 
I just knew that I had a reason 
To keep holding on. 
A real reason. 
Not just some fancy looking letters 
On my scarred skin.
I feel stronger now. 
I feel like I don't live every day 
Like it's just a struggle. 
I don't feel ugly anymore. 
I don't feel scared. 
I feel like every day is a gift. 
I now believe that I am beautiful 
All because of them. 
And I definitely feel 
Like I have much more courage 
Than ever before.
And I know that things are better now
And that I should cherish every day
And to never lose courage
No matter what.
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