The Conversation [a script]

I’m sorry. [Bites cheek]

This was a bad idea.

For what? [Looks around as though help might be at hand]

We both know what I’m sorry about.

For making you uncomfortable.

No one actually wants to hear this.

It’s okay. [Shifts nervously in seat]

You wish I’d picked anyone else to confide in.

I just needed to tell someone. [Looks down at clenched hands]

Because even the lost have a last resort.

Yeah, I’m glad you did. [Latent panic in the eyes]

You don’t know what to do with me.

You don’t have to do anything. I wouldn’t expect that.

I wouldn’t expect anything.

Are-are you okay?

Because what else can you say?

Somedays. [Holds breath]

I don’t even believe that.

Okay, I’m glad you talked to me. [Silent sigh]

And even gladder that it’s over.

Me too.

Because now there’s someone to answer questions when I’m gone.



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