We are created without consent

Given to those with supreme claim to us

Molding us in the image they see fit

Until conscientious, awoken from youth


We are expected to live with respect

To honor our parents first

To not question their glory

Until the mind frees itself from bondage


We are required to obey

Given no true freedom that cannot be taken back

Always at the mercy of someone else

Until we break away and rebel


However, how can we decide what we own?


We learn as I learn: that we choose our own path

We do not have to submit to the will of others forever

Breaking free is the only step necessary

Whether hard or easy, it is the only truth to becoming yourself


We are the children of dust and ashes

No matter how parents claim to own us

We are made of stars, our true king the universe

Until we learn even the universe cannot own us

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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