You did exactly word for word what you were told.

Never went against the grain, never did anything you weren’t told to do.

How does it make you feel?


Pretty good right,

To know that you are not a person;

You are nothing more than a photo copy of what other people preserve you to be.

You will never be your own person because you don’t know how to stand up.


You go out on your own,

It’s a big world out there.

You get lost, scared.

No one to tell you what to do, or where to go; be careful or you just might have to stand up.


Now it’s time to make a decision for you.

It’s scary to think about; careful that might not be allowed.

You have to decide whether or not to sit down for the rest of your life, and let someone else be in the driver’s seat;

Or stand up; and take control.


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