Continue to Walk


Suisun city
509 Whispering Bay Lane Apt #2
United States
38° 14' 21.7212" N, 122° 2' 3.4044" W

I walk

I walk down the hall to class
I hear laughter, chuckles, and giggles
I start to hear voices

Voices telling me;

Its you they're talking about
Its the way you look
Its the way you talk
Its the way you walk
Its the way you walk
I try not to react
I clench my right fist
The thoughts disappears as silently as it came.
I continue to walk down the hall

My mind becomes calm
Calm as the breeze that constantly blows in my city
Somedays the wind is my enemy
Somedays the wind is my friend
Other times, its my guide
I listen to the breeze,
Feel it,
Smell it,
And act as it
I continue to walk down the hall

I see old friends, new friends
Both disregard me naturally
To them I am the one who listens to them
The one that gives his kindness away freely
The one who cleans up their mess
The person who gets stepped all over
The one who is taken lightly

But I am something else
Someone else
Someone who supports them unknowingly
A friend who will help them no matter what
A friend who wishes that they had my back as I have theirs
A friend in need of true friendship
I continue to walk down the hall

I get to the point where I will soon reach the end of the hall
I am scared of what's beyond
What is my purpose to go outside?
Where will I go from here?
I become frozen

I look at the corner of my eyes for someone behind me
I just want to know someone has my back
I find none
I know now that it is in me to keep on going when others are with the mainstream
I must keep going when it is rough
I must keep going even if the next is tough
I must keep going

I continue walking
I walk outside the hall
I see the clouds, the sky, the wind
I see many paths in front of me
I don't know which to go on
I don't think I will ever know which one to take

However, I believe that at the end of the day,
I am my own person
I am the person who will walk my path through
I am one who will smile on

I continue to walk
taking rests at times
I continue to walk after

Continue to walk



Challenges occur in Highschool and maybe earlier on
Some will fall towards the mainstream
Some will create paths for themselves to walk on
Some will forever sit thinking cluelessly
Don't be afraid of reality even if you've just noticed that you'll be headed into the real world in 2 years in  your high school career
Keep on walking
Hope you guys enjoyed

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