Fri, 12/05/2014 - 18:57 -- AIM1219


I am tired and lost in my empty world

Looking for answers to my questions

Where do I belong?

Where do I go next?

What am I missing?

Am I in the wrong life?

Is it my hair, too short and too straight?

Is it my clothes, old fashion and black?

Is it my make up to cheap to mention?

Is it my name, too Mexican to pronounce?

Maybe is my skin color, too brown to stand?

Is it me that don’t get it?

I am lost in my empty space, looking for answers to spare

As I look around its dark inside

Should I scream to be heard?

Should I cry to wash away my pain?

I am lost in this world

I think and believe

I have dreams to live

So please let me be


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