I don't know why,

Why I feel this way.

I don't know how,

How to let you go.

I don't know what,

What to do.

Confused about everything,

Everything but you.

I feel hollow.

My footsteps alone.

Time wasted on trying to get you alone.

Alone as in back to how we were.

I don't know why,

Why I try to hide.

I don't know how,

How to get over it.

How can I get over it?

What can I do?

What are the reasons for why I still have hope,

Hope for that one second,

Of you still thinking of me?

Why can't I let you go?

I'm confused about everything.

Everything but you.

Thinking about you drives me crazy.

How can I move on?

When I look at you every day.

Everything that I am,

or was,

Was all because of you.


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