run away

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Come away with me let's run into the night. Chase the moon tell her our wildest dreams N' bask in the moonlight.   Watch the stars twinkle and shine so bright.
as you start age daily, you learn the dissimilarities between right and wrong: what is accepted by this temporary home and what is not.
Run away with me
Why should we be the ones to pay? All we ever did was grow up Innocent, curious, human. We were born into this world Through no fault of our own. Our only sin is living. So why do we pay their debts?
As a little girl I looked up at the world Naive and shy Watching clouds roll by   Why couldn't I leave I needed set free Free from what, you wonder? A feeling in my heart, like thunder
Sarah wasn’t always frail as leaves didn’t always fall with a single gust of wind She was strong. She was steady as a drum. until that boulder slipped cracked open her wandering soul
My paradise My sanctuary My place of saving When all else is lost A confusing mess An sweet escape From the brainwashing And self-harm The confusion I feel When you make me feel
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