College Roommate (Semester One)

Yes, I was excited

to go to a new school

I was ready to move on

to move past high school

and meet new people


A roommate, how fun I thought

(but) by the end I would be distraught

seemed nice at first

until I saw her thirst

she needed control of everything

sounds, smells, lights and time

I'm surprised she doesn't control my rhyme


To start...

1. Lights must be off after ten

to watch Netflix in her dark den

2. The ringer must stay off

we would hate to piss the bear off

3. Now she likes clean linen smells,

                     so mine just won't do

she got a diffuser to mask scents

I'm telling you this chick wouldn't relent

4. No calls allowed, I must leave the room

be aware of her comfort cause it's "her room too"

5. In fear of her safety, so don't even think about friends

are you starting to see a trend?

6. Politics? now thats off limits

cause she doesn't agree, she admits

but she told the RA she was offended

so i'm once again apprehended 

7. Sleeps in till noon

there isn't much I can do

bangs around at one in the morning

then I have to sleep past her snoring

8. I wear coats in the room

it will be snowing soon

so I turn on the heater, but she turns it off

then opens her window just to piss me off

9. Woke me up early one morning

because she didn't like what I was storing

nine cans wasted since it wasn't my fridge

now i've started calling her a bitch

10. Another early morning, wouldn't ya know?

Constantly pecking like a god damn crow

the morning light shines in her eyes

so she wakes me up to close the blinds

Liberal words and tears down her face

so she gets her way through the RA

11. In her closet resides the broom

to make my life harder I presume

sweeps her side and ignores mine

her actions become more asinine...


Made a groupchat with people in my dorm

now I walk and hear snickers on the first floor

her little posse laughs, I know it's true

I never thought when I met her,

that she could be so cruel. 


She's my college roommate

so I await for part two. 



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