College Growing Pains

I planted myself in a garden,

this year.

And not just any garden,

but a garden of

overwhelming light

& overflowing water.


I bathed in my resources,

greedy with the hopes that

I could make up for lost time.

I thought of

all the other flowers watching me-

curiously blooming.


The more I looked at others

rates of growth,

The more my stem grew crooked.

And my overflowing resources

seeped out of my pot

and into the pots of flowers below.


Before long, the flowers below

grew taller than me, overtook my resources

and continued to grow

without looking back.

I looked up at them,

defeated but inspired.


So focused on comparison,

I’d wasted

my resources and potential.

While those that were patient

and opportunistic,

found a way to rise above expectations.



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