College Days

Trudging my feet across the street

Waiting underneath a foggy, humid sky,

Yet again, the bus is late.

An hour long ride from my home to school

Foreign music blasting my eardrums

I always thank God for the vehicle’s air condition

Another school year starts the same

Getting lost searching for my classes

My stomach gnawing at my inners for sustenance

But the food here is fried and sit like a rock

Computers labs are full and noisy

Our single library is no better

Music plays in places were silence should exist

Wifi sucks and chews out any connection I get

Despite it all, I still come here everyday

Sit in the same seat and do my work

Study every night for high marks on tests

Earning my credits through sleepless nights

For the chance to leave this state

Earn my degree somewhere else

Become the artist I believe I could be

This year is coming to a close

My transfer looms over my

Excitement and nervousness intermingle

My heart beats faster with each passing day

Half of the year just flew by

With my GPA over 3.0

And my portfolio ready to be sent

A Bachelor’s degree in Illustration

That’s what I strive for

My skills with a pencil and tablet grows

As well as my skills with words

And once the moment arrives

When I am to leave this school for another

I know my goals will finally take flight

This college isn’t perfect

But has helped shaped the woman I am now

And soon I will bid it goodbye

Once on that plane and across the country

Away from the town that raised me since birth

But it isn’t the end

No, this is the beginning

And the time is rapidly approaching

When I will truly begin to live


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