Every memory fading,
One by one.
Every bridge burning,
One by one.
I took every breath,
One by one.
I will never be free from this hate. 
"I don't mourn for the dead. I envy their fate."
To stay with you is to die, 
So just let me close my eyes one last time.
I have nothing else to offer this deteriorated world.
My soul is a burden
That I refuse to carry any longer.
Remember the memories,
Or forget and forward on.
The choice is yours.
I could only hold on for so long.
I let this life become the death of me.
Was there any hope from the start?
Perdition reached out to me like a savior.
Swindlers reached for me
Like a serpent praying on the defenseless .
Will you think of me well?
Remember me before I became
What was known as my self destruction.
Remember me as 
The smiles,
The laughs,
The hugs,
The enlightened,
The Samaritan.
Never remember me as
The tortured,
The restless,
The haunted,
The crying,
The dreaming of dying. 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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