Code Monkey


A coder who shines in the light.

One who determines, what seems wrong and what seems right.

What he is doing, is his passion.

The goal to be recognized, is always ever lasting.

He stays up all day and night.

Hoping that his strings and list stay tight.


A coder who shines in the light.

What software will he soon highlight?

Making a future for you and me.

By paving the way with technology.

Python, C++, and Ruby.

Infinite ways to stress and get angry.


A coder who shines in the light.

We solve complex problems using our brain.

Developing an app that you'll obtain.

Never be afraid, if you need help.

Go to a nearby forum, they will help you smelt.

The path that the coder choose, isnt obviously.

But this describes the code monkey in me.










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