Clothe The World


Clothe The World
I was born naked into this world. A natural nudist. But as I grew, the layers of iniquity threaded me the regalia of futility. I adapted easily, entering into effortless evil endeavors. Overall, I felt fine with who I was. Acting out in the worst fashion. I didn't have any sense as a young buck. It seams as if being this way is in my jeans. So I continued until I was tied down to the point of submission. The enemy cuffed me then socked me till I was defenseless. All potential was kilt. Just a waist of a life that buckled under the pressure of the world. But then a man walked in. He had on some sandals and a robe. He held back the enemy and informed me of what was occurring. He said "This is a civil suit. Do you realize that your morality is in question? Your sole is in disarray and the enemy wants to make short your anointed destiny. But I have a proposition. I'm willing to be your suspender. I will throw out all charges and wear your garment of shame so you'll be clothed in better attire. I will even bleed and die/dye so that you will not have to." "I asked him, what is the exchange for this gesture?" Then He said "when you face accusations, don't skirt the issues. Admit that you're rugged, torn and deserve to be stripped of everything. But then, I want you to be washed in my goodness." I provide the articles that won't fade, rip, shrink or tear. But you must wear them continually, so much so that the poorly clothed shall take notice. When they inquire, tell them the laundry list of problems I rescued and forgave you from. If they request anything, give them the beads of wisdom you've received.  Now understand this, I have given you full access to the storehouse. So you can never lose your card again (cardigan). Even if you misplace it, it still exists if you'll only search for it. Don't slack in your walk or you'll end up panting. Be persistent with God's children while helping every daughter and son dress in righteousness. Now go clothe the world."

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