A Closed Off Girl


United States
36° 51' 8.1396" N, 94° 22' 37.452" W
United States
36° 51' 8.1396" N, 94° 22' 37.452" W
In this big frightening world

Lives a lonely closed off girl

Though that’s only how she feels

The pain seems so real

To walk around everyday

And to feel as if there is no true way

This is the price she has to pay

The experience she had so long ago

Pushes on in her head like a Trojan horse

Can’t tell if it’s fact or fiction

But holding it all in is her addiction

Stowed away in her tower

Her room is where she has the power

To float away into her imagination

Her books are the escape

From all of her building hate

Mostly towards herself

But she has a little help

One friend who is bringing her into the light

And showing her how she shines bright

Though that same friend makes her so mad

She knows she’s not bad

Both brought together through books

But there was another hook

The similar experiences they shared

Is how they stayed paired

Now if you take these 3 things away

She won’t have any reasons to stay

Without her books, friend, and solitude

This is what will become of her attitude

No reason to live here

So again the devil inside cheers

Death is the way out

But don’t waste any time to pout

End it quickly

Cause she feels sickly

If she had to pick

In her mind

This is what makes her tick



passion flow

i feel like this


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