Closed Doors

Mon, 03/11/2019 - 03:47 -- hlhmay

There it is

The Door.

You know the one

You pass it every single day

This time, though

You stop and look

Just briefly

Then hurry on your way

You start to wonder

What is behind it?

Every day you move closer

And every day you run away

You glance through the window

Run your fingers on the wood

Your hand hovers on the doorknob

Suddenly it looms large

It seems humongous

And again, you run

Distantly, you watch

People go in and the go out

If you go in, would you stay?

You listen

Is it worth it?

You imagine

You move closer

The Door draws you in

Or rather the thing behind the Door

You reach out a finger

Feeling the grain of the wood

The Door feels taller here

The shadows hover threateningly

Your hand moves to the Doorknob

They grow darker



It seems a siimple act

You turn the doorknob

And push

The Door swings open

You step inside.


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