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  There it is The Door. You know the one You pass it every single day This time, though You stop and look Just briefly
There was a boy who stowed A box of lollipops beneath his bed.Each evening he would take one outAnd gently scratch its head.And then the pop, so gleeful,would reveal its great surpriseA flower bloomed around its headAnd danced before his eyes.Each
How unfortunate it must be, For the most ecentric person Who finds nobody else's antics, Obscene or appauling, For nobody else, Is as daring As she.
The sky was an impeccable shade of blue. The type of blue that you only see in the box of 64 crayons that you begged for as a child. Or the shade of her eyes as she said she loves you, lying through her teeth.
  Pirate of Green Fields             Steal the ball             Fire it down line             Challenge your foes             They stand firm  
I’m the girl they call goodie goody Goodie goody? I think not! Goodie goody my ass! I’m the quite girl who sits in the front of the class room, answers questions when asked
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