I am not who you think.

I am more than this.

I have to be.

I will not end.

Some part of me remains.


If I were to take all of me,

and give it to you,

could you hold it?

Could you understand it?

Could you accept it?

Neither could I.


We were made for understanding,

yet we walk through life misunderstood.

This is what tears us apart.

And so we learned to live alone.


Or did we?

We cannot remain alone.

No matter how hurt we become,

we will always seek the comfort of others touch.


Man is not great or even good

But we can be beautiful.


Is there more?


There has to be….

In this unknown universe

Surely something knows me.


Didn’t you know?


If you overcome the despair and cruelty…

But we can never overcome.

Not alone.

It will never be won.


The battle rages on and on.

Lives lost.

Lives saved.

At such cost.

And we ask and plead: “where is grace?”


But the war is not over,

and it is an ending that you cannot predict.


But you can believe in it.


Do you know me?

Do you really know me?


What is my name?

What is me?


You do?

I believe you…. It’s just that…


Come angels and demons, come sword and chains, come hunger

and hate…come death…


Will you still love me?

Will you still know me?

--even if everything changes?


Where are you??


Oh right here.


I see.


It’s you that is beautiful.


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