Civil Rights are Right!


United States
41° 19' 43.5252" N, 90° 43' 29.1828" W

Civil rights are right, right?
Yes, indeed they are right,
because it say so in the phrase,
don't have an eyebrow to raise,
because civil rights are right.

People are the mostly the same,
not necessarily by their name,
but we all have feelings,
though sometimes different ways of dealing.

We should all just be nice,
with no need to think twice,
don't worry about age, gender, or race,
because everyone has grace.

We are all together as a human class,
if you don't agree, you can kiss my *ss,
whether you're from a small town or big city,
whether you're big or itty-bitty,

We are all related,
so no one should be hated.
Because civil rights are right.


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