Cinderella's Cow

I am not Cinderella

But I happen to have her shoe size

A coy smile

And I’ve come to the conclusion

That this

Is enough

For a man


To distinguish between

“The love of my life”

And a cow

With fat hooves

Instead of feet

Take my word for it

For I write this

From a palace


The obnoxious glimmer

Dancing from the shaft

Of sunlight

That hits the golden band

Above my left

Ring finger

I would like to see


But one over

Flipped at me

In green anger


She is unknowing

Of the life I live

In her place

While she sweeps dust

I am here

Sitting Cushily

Amongst Silk

Amongst Velvet

Amongst Satin

I wonder to inquire of her

If maybe,

She could sweep for me?


Stupid pauper

Has missed a spot

An obvious spot

It drums between my chest


With grime



As dirt


This poem is about: 
Our world


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