Chimera Mirage

I laid down in the dark,

Strapped in a jacket on my bed,

With orange-bottled pills

To keep the voices from my head.


But in the depth of silence

A figure entered at my feet.

A younger girl who said,

She's here to keep me company.


So through the night we spoke

Inside the cushion-covered walls.

It was nice to hear a voice,

That didn't make me feel so small.


We talked about my past,

Where I'd take one too many pills,

To escape the sound of whisper,

And give my mind a sense of still.


But as we finished speaking

My friend, she disappeared.

I asked the man who brought my lunch,

But no girl was ever here.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



From the perspective of a schizophrenic.

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