Thu, 09/18/2014 - 15:28 -- damono


I remember life as a child
Man were those times something wild
Cold neighborhood water balloon fights
Staying up late in the warm summer nights
Outdoors was where we lived
Kickball basketball and the jungle gym
Yeah I still think that was the life
Only ever scared to turn off the lights
Back then everyone was your friend
Nobody lied and we didn't have to pretend
We weren't bound by their reality
We were creative we were living a dream
Even school seemed like a fun time
Things were simple and and everything was fine
No final exams pop quizzes or tests
Whose favorite class wasn't recess
We didn't have to think of what came next
Nobody cared how anyone else dressed
We were friends with anyone and everyone we saw
There was never a focus on anyone's flaws
To be less like adults and more like children
The innocence and care free life were built in
Instead of going to bed stressed every night
We need to go back to that sunshine life
Childhood was a crazy time
Looking back the time sure did fly
I bet we all wish we could do things over
Not so much as children but as we got older
After our parents stopped taking care of everything
We lost that ability to just let our hearts sing
Then we were caged and told to live a life forcibly
As children we were like animals running free



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