Cheshire Song


How funny!

You fell down, down, down

Because of a cute little bunny

He’s late, you know

So don’t delay!

If you follow, you’ll get carried away.

Big and Small and Tall again

Don’t be so sad, darling,

You’ve never changed in the world of men.
Now follow me,

Across the sea

Which your tears have made.

Don’t fear the Dodo!

He’s just loco

Now don’t let your determination fade.

Ah, I’m so sorry, you make me so mad

You forgot who you are,

Blonde hair and apron clad.

And you asked me for directions – Now isn’t that sad?

Let’s go past the gumbles and goozles you don’t understand

And come with me quietly

To Mad Hatterland.

Don’t worry – He just wants some tea.

And if he were kind, he would’ve invited me.

I love how you leave in a storm

You think they’re all crazy –

It’s hilarious how you need to inform!

You’re funny, you make me laugh!

Lost again, sweetheart?

Follow this path!

Meet the queen, don’t forget to curtsey!

She does quite like the color red,

Now don’t she?

Just keep an eye on your head!

You take a trial, and it’s you verses us

I would never testify against you…

Don’t make a fuss.

Why are you so angry?

You think we’re insane?



Allow me to spill a secret, my dear…

We’re all mad, here.



Inspired by Lewis Carroll's fantastic works. 

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