Go ahead,

Say it isn't a sport.

Say everything I've heard before,

All these insults I can assort

Into all the different stereotypes;

Cheerleaders are dumb,

They aren't even athletic,

All of them are fake,

Everything they say is pathetic.


As you read this, I know the thought crossed your mind:

"What does this cheerleader have to say,

Why is she wasting my time?"

Think what you think about my sport,

That's your honest opinion, just don't judge me on what I do,

Please keep an open mind,

Because I am I, and you are you.


We all like different things,

But what we like does not define who we are.

He may like drugs and alcohol,

But that doesn't make him a bad person;

Because she may like unicorns and bunnies,

Yet her personality may not be as golden as the sun.


Take some time to know someone, don't judge them by what they do.

I may be a cheerleader, but that does not give anyone the right,

To tell me that I am unintelligent and senseless,

I will defend myself, for my dignity, I will fight.  



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