Changing the World

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 16:17 -- kyoungs

She feels horrible about it.

Really, she does.

So she clicks the share link.

Click, type, post, done.


She moves on with her life.

Scrolls down her feed.

Liking friends’ photos.

Not thinking about those in need.


After all, why should she?

She already did her part.

Sharing a link, showing others.

So now, leave her be.


Some likes, some comments.

She checks them out.

There aren’t as many as she’d hoped.

Still sitting, she pouts.


This post is important.

Do they not even care?

People need to notice.

What’s happening isn’t fair.


She’s filled with agitation.

Annoyed with her peers.

She tosses her phone.

There’s no participation.


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