It starts out very little,

But can turn into something big.

A simple change can make a difference,

Small or sometimes big.


Change needs to happen now,

And I have brought change here.

You can welcome change,

Or you can choose to fear.


I do not fear the change,

Because I created it.

Here is where my life is improved,

And my family sees how I really want it


I chose to inhale deeply,

And let the change fill me with life.

But only change that will better me,

Change that will bring me & others delight.


All I did was cry,

On all the things I’ve done wrong.

But now I will try,

To be nothing but strong.


It’s time for something new,

It’s time for everyone to see.

All the wrongs I’ve done,

Begin to change in me.


Because around the corner,

Yet still miles away.

The life I want now,

Gets closer each and every day.


I’ve been basing my life,

Upon what others expected me to do.

I wish I could go back,

Because it’s hard to start off new.


But soon I will find out,

What I’m meant to become.

I will know where I’m going,

I don’t need to be reminded where I came from.


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