The Change

Isn’t it awesome, that rivers are forever?

They are forever, and yet you will never stand in the same river twice,

The river is a new being and packs a punch like a spice.

Isn’t it awesome, how as humans we have grown?

We surprise ourselves when life grants us a series of unfortunate events,

And we still manage to rise as if that strength makes sense

But since we have stood and will stand for what we believe in,

We won’t mince words, the meaning remains the same

“We the People”… are in pain.

America is learning how to fall apart.

We have to hold on, brave the beast

Or history books will tell of what happened after we ceased

But isn’t it amazing?

Change is happening like the river,

There are people who want to accept

People who love and have leapt

Across the gap that is “difference”

Isn’t it awesome,

How some don’t care about skin-tone, gender, or any other label?

We are the bridge between generations,

Where there is hate in the country that is the mix of all nations.

We’ve come a long way, but we can’t stop now

Not until that “if” no longer exists,

Not even “when” and “how”.

Because it is certain that it will happen,

And the time is NOW.

Equality is AWESOME

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My country
Our world
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Candy Scythe

Be the change that you want to see

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