The Champ

Sun, 05/04/2014 - 09:26 -- Jgilly


Life knocks you down

you better take the hit champ

because regardless of the circumstance

you've only got one chance

to get back up

it's not like you to just stay down

I've the seen the fire in your eye

it's time to take this moment to realize that you are the MOMENT

this is your life and I know you won't settle,

you will not quit

because you have a gift

and that gift is persistence

you will rise above the negativity

to use your mistakes

to be the constant creativity

that motivates you to go harder than you ever thought possible

You don't let your mind play tricks on you

your emotions don't get the best of you

you never once settled to be average

because you weren't born average you were born YOU.

People out there are going to tell you

 you won't make it man

and I know you just smile back and say yes I can

You don't rely on success to fulfill your happiness

you look to your journey

where you started and what I've become

and then you ask yourself "will I be remembered for what I've done".

You don't know the meaning of easy,

of course champ life gets hard but you always remember that

it was the little things that have gotten you this far.

It may have been bad back then but it could have been worse,

some scars never fade champ I know it hurts,

yet I've never heard you complain

so when you hit rock bottom stay the same precede to rise

because it's a person like you that makes people really alive


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